1,000 new employment opportunities!

2nd October 2021

The Australian Government is subsidising 1,000 new employment opportunities for Community Development Program (CDP) participants in remote Australia to support economic development.

Tranche One of the 1,000 Jobs Package (the Package) grant funding round provided an initial opportunity for up to 200 new jobs. Tranche One closed on 30 December 2019. Tranche Two of the Package opened on 31 December 2019 and will close on 30 April 2021, or earlier if the 1,000 jobs are fully allocated.

Tranche Two of the 1,000 Jobs Package has a General stream and Youth Engagement Jobs (YEJ) stream. The General stream is open to any industry, if the proposed job and employer are eligible. The YEJ stream supports employers to create jobs to work with people aged 24 years and younger to strengthen their engagement with their culture and community and/or promote mental health and social wellbeing.

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