27th January 2022

Alkina Edwards has proud matriarchal connections to Yorta Yorta, Wemba Wemba, Mutthi Mutthi and Wiradjuri tribes. Alkina draws on the history and experiences of her people to create artwork that represents female empowerment and strength.

Can you talk about your Winyarr collection, how did these come about?

The partnership came about when I was having my first art exhibition at the Yirramboi First Nations festival in Melbourne early last year. The workers from “Culture is life” were asking some of the aunties who were around on who they think might be a good fit for their new project/collab. An Echuca elder/aunty suggested my name and not long after that they workers from wittner and culture is life reached out. I said yes with no hesitation.

From a business perspective, what key learnings did you take away from the process?

I’ve learnt that so much hard work and dedication goes into these partnerships and collaborations. Its constant communication from the start of creating your artwork and getting the artwork printed on the right material and trying to figure out which way would look best for the print on the shoe styles to get the perfect look, plus the photo shoots and interviews. For someone that’s new to this it can be quiet confronting and sometimes draining. But once you get going your confidence rises throughout the whole journey and by the end you feel empowered and want to do more work and be more creative and take up opportunities instead of being shame and saying no because of self-doubt.

What advice do you have for others wanting to do something similar?

. Keep creating

. Reach out to other small or big businesses for support, advice, and tips

. Connect with the people who support and encourage you

. Be confident in yourself. Know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

. Don’t be Shame. Be game

What future aspirations do you have for your art?

I hope to be a part of more amazing collaborations such as the one with Wittner shoes.

In future I would love to have more solo art exhibitions and have my artwork on clothing.

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