A worthwhile week away from Paradise

22nd February 2021

Corey tagged me in a post on Facebook. He often tags me in videos or photos of snakes (I’m terrified of snakes) so I braced myself when I unlocked my phone. To my surprise, he tagged me in an advertisement for a business conference called; Strong Women, Strong Business designed especially for Indigenous businesswomen.

As I was moving into the freelancing space, I thought it’d be a good
idea to attend the conference to get motivation, start-up tips, ideas
and advice from women who have paved the way for me. So, I applied.

Of the 500 applications submitted, only 180 women were selected to attend. I was blessed to be one of those lucky women.

Having only recently moved back to the Torres Strait, I didn’t expect
to be traveling so soon, but I was keen to learn and surround myself
with like minded deadly sisters.

I’ve attended multiple business, property and marketing conferences
in the past, but I had never attended a conference held for Indigenous
business owners, let alone female Indigenous business owners. So, I knew
that it’d be an eye-opener and the first of its kind.

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