Amber’s food Wraps

28th May 2020

Organic beeswax, sustainable practice, and connection to land and country – Amber’s Food Wraps brings all of these elements together for the perfect natural wax wraps.

The process for these food wraps is a hands-on but one that founder Eve Langford does with love.

Eve made a conscious decision when she was quite young to walk gently on our planet and try to leave only her footprints behind. Her business idea came from a dream one night and the brand’s name is dedicated to her niece, Amber, who died at a young age but lives on through these products.

The wraps are made from 100% cotton designed by the Traditional Owners in the Northern Territory. Then they are dipped in organic beeswax sourced locally in NSW where the business is managed, along with organic resin and organic jojoba oil – each step to reassure you that all that touches your food is wrapped with goodness.

Eve loves to travel around the country selling her beautiful wares. Normally you can find Amber’s Food Wraps at the local markets from Melbourne to Brisbane and even Darwin but with COVID-19 shutting down any group gatherings, this is a lost outlet. Luckily you can still get the wraps online!

Looking to make your own? She’s got you covered on that as well with a do-it-yourself kit! A great way to keep the kids occupied in isolation. Or beautify your backyard with her Dreamtime Flags.

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