Behind the Business

15th September 2021

This week “Behind the Business” Strong Women are Shareen Griffiths and Patricia Kirk

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Yaama, our names are Shareen Griffiths and Patricia Kirk, we are two Gomeroi sisters and mothers originating from northern NSW living and creating on Yuggera/turrbal countrycountry.

Can you tell us about your business?

We are the owners of Gamilaraay Gulay, Gulay meaning string bag/weaving in the Gamilaraay language. We first created our small business in November 2020 to showcase our Gulays otherwise known as dilly bags, a technique we first learnt when we were children. Since starting our small business our creativity and passion have grown with us now creating bush jewellery and learning other weaving styles which were now able to pass onto our children and community.

We use weaving to heal and strengthen our connection to culture and our ancestral lineage continuing to carry on a practice that has been handed down through our people for thousands of years.

Is there any other information or encouragement you would like to share with other Indigenous Women?

If we were to give any advice to another indigenous woman is to continue to reach for your goals, no matter how small the steps or how little your skill set there is always more to learn and way more chances to take in life, take them whilst you can.

Would love to connect!