Indigenous Business Month Announces 2019 Theme

14th July 2019

5th year of Indigenous Business Month celebrates ‘Indigenous Ingenuity

Ingenuity is at the heart of who we are.

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples have been creating new ways of doing things. With our Elders leading the way, we have demonstrated that we are creative, inventive and original.

Indigenous Ingenuity is all around us.

Our environmental stewardship, our culturally resonant education strategies, our innovative Indigenous led approaches to health.

It’s no wonder our thriving Indigenous business sector also reflects our ingenuity.

In our fifth year celebrating Indigenous Business Month, the 2019 theme is Indigenous Ingenuity.

For Indigenous businesses, we do this every day. We identify a market need or demand and are original in our solutions. We are solving problems and bringing cultural knowledge through an Indigenous world view to translate into business opportunities.

Our ingenuity is seen in the many Indigenous businesses right around the country from urban, regional and remote locations. It is seen in each and every business owner, working hard to build financial independence.

We see Indigenous ingenuity shine through the many hard working family businesses. Balancing business demands in the context of family and community life, creating a legacy of success.
And for our young entrepreneurs, ingenuity radiates in contributions of innovation and creation that inspire us all.

Indigenous ingenuity is all around us. It’s who we are. And this Indigenous Business Month, we invite you to celebrate our continuing ingenuity and its contribution to the Indigenous business sector and Indigenous communities across the continent

Join us in celebrating Indigenous Business Month across the continent

Mayrah, Michelle, Leesa
Co-founders Indigenous Business Month