Introducing Kitikiti 

1st September 2022

Kitikiti means armpit in the traditional Walmajarri language pronounced “giddy-giddy”

Brodie George is the visionary, owner and operator behind Kitikiti.

3 years ago Brodie chose to only use cosmetic products that were either natural, cruelty free, vegan, non-toxic and Australian made.

The biggest impact of the change was switching to a natural deodorant. This prompted Brodie to pursue the creation of her own product and brand.

Fortunately Brodie already had an external small business formulating products for her eyebrow salon – Browmania, to which a formula was developed upon request and turned out to be the best seller in salon.

The later half of 2021 Brodie decided to pursue studying Aromatherapy and natural skincare formulation with Joanne Lang from Eclipse Living Essence Aromatherapy who has more than 30 years experience in Aromatherapy, Remedial and Lymphatic Massage along with formulation.

Brodie learnt a solid grounding in the history and science of the ancient art that is Aromatherapy obtaining IICT accreditation. This included one on one training with Joanne intensively learning how to formulate products and learning the basics of natural skincare.

Since completing the above courses and already incorporating low tox and eco friendly lifestyle with beauty products Brodie decided to extend this to the household. Making all cleaning products for the household using ingredients such as vinegar, bicarb, epsom salts and essential oils Brodie will often share tutorials and how to’s on her Instagram feed.

All products are hand formulated and blended by Brodie including some native flora from her home country to make the brand even more unique.

Based in Perth Brodie’s Aboriginal cultural heritage is Walmajarri from Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

Each product label name is from the Walmajarri language to describe either ingredients or packaging.

Brodie paints all of the artwork for the labels on all of her products to represent Aboriginal culture in the beauty industry.

Check out her website and amazing products