My Dilly Bag shares culture through bush foods

5th May 2021

As part of the partnership with Small Business Secrets, we’re showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses all month on SBS.

Featured on 11 April was Dale Chapman who formed My Dilly Bag 20 years ago with a dream for true equality for all Australians through sharing delicious native foods. But when COVID hit, orders slowed to a trickle. She qualified for a loan and grant package as part of IBA’s Business Relief Support.

“Receiving the COVID-19 Relief Package was both financially and emotionally beneficial to me, my family and of course my business, it reassured me that the government was valuing my business and making an investment in My Dilly Bag,” said Dale.

“Without this package I believe I would have had to shut the doors and my dream of continuing a successful Aboriginal business would have disappeared with my dreams.”

Watch Dale in this 5-minute segment via the link below or read the article to learn more about My Dilly Bag, “The bush food pioneer turning a love of native produce in a new direction.”

To get yourself some of her yummy goodies, visit her website at

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander business still suffering from the pandemic, find out more about our Business Relief Support.