Nuwa clothing – a mother and daughter duo, Sarah and Nevaeh Joyce

30th June 2022

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

We are a Mother and Daughter duo, Sarah and Nevaeh Joyce; we are proud Wolithiga women from the Yorta Yorta nations.

I was born and raised here in Naarm by my mother (Marie). My mother raised myself and my siblings (one brother and two sisters) to be strong and proud of their culture and to have a strong connection to our traditional lands and people, the Wolithiga people from the Yorta Yorta nations but also to the wider first nations community in Naarm. Growing up in Naarm wasn’t easy and we would often visit family along the banks of Dungala (Murray River).

I am single mother raising four children (two girls and two boys), I’ve raised my children to be strong and proud of their culture just as my mother raised myself and my siblings. My children and I are survivors of family violence, we are some years into our journey of healing.

Through my own journey of healing, I found myself heading back to study which led me to becoming a Practitioner working within the Family Violence and Child Wellbeing sector. My work has predominately been within Aboriginal Community Controlled Organizations, supporting Women, Children and their Families through their own journey of healing. From our own journey, my daughter and I are now starting our own small business together in an aim to share our stories to support others who have experienced family violence, while recognizing the importance of connection to culture.

Nevaeh is the oldest of her siblings, she is proud to be not only Aboriginal but also Samoan and loves to share her culture with those around her and now the wider community. It was during our healing process that Nevaeh engaged with an art therapist. It has allowed Nevaeh to express herself through art and this was just the beginning in her journey and love of Art. Her art allows her to express and work through her feelings which becomes a way for her to also express her love of culture.

Can you tell us about your business?

Nuwa Clothing was inspired by a love by our culture and Nevaeh’s love of art. Nuwa Clothing is driven by pride, love and resilience of our First Nation Australians people and our ancestors past, present and emerging. Nuwa Clothing is a fashion label which supports young emerging artists by displaying their works of art proudly on streetwear for both Mob and Allies. Our name comes from the Yorta Yorta language Nuwa, meaning “More”. We choose this name as we aim to celebrate, empower and bring our culture to the world through each piece.

We aim to bring awareness and education around the impacts of family violence and bring hope to those that may have experienced family violence by sharing our healing journey.

We walk proudly alongside our First Nation brothers and sisters and would like to acknowledge their continuous connection to land.

I run the back end of the business, while Nevaeh produces the art for each piece of clothing.

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Industry do you operate in and for how long?

Nuwa Clothing is an online retail platform selling streetwear (t-shirts, Hoodies and accessories) for all ages to both mob and allies. We are hoping that in the near future we will be adding prints of art. Nuwa clothing has been operating for 6 months now but has been something we’ve been dreaming of for a little while now.

Our first collection is titled ‘My Roots’. Nevaeh entered ‘My Roots’ to the Koori Heritage trust 2021 youth art show. (insert more info about what is My roots- this may also be better in section above)

We are hoping to branch out into guest speaking to bring awareness and education around the impacts of family violence and bring hope to those that may/ have experienced family violence by sharing our healing journey.

Is there any other information or encouragement you would like to share with other Indigenous Women?

“I think First Nations people have had to overcome a lot. And its that grit and determination that makes us agile business owners. My advice, is to just go for it, and don’t let perfectionism get in the way”.