SWSB Lunch & Learn: Setting goals & making change (5 May)

30th April 2022

The Strong Women Strong Business (SWSB) network have a new monthly series called, ‘Lunch & Learn’. On the first Thursday of every month, the network gather for a lunch time session (12 noon – 1pm AEST) to hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

This month the network explore setting goals and making change with Sarah Hyland, Managing Director of Together Business Australia.

From a young age, Sarah knew there was something powerful about business for the betterment of community and humanity. Growing up as an Anaiwan Aboriginal woman from Uralla, North West NSW, family and community was, and still are an integral part of who she is.

Professionally, she became a Chartered Accountant, because she knew she could positively impact how businesses are operated, from the inside out.

ll upcoming topics include:

  • 5 May – Setting goals & making change (register now)
  • 2 Jun – Setting goals and creating a personal reward system (register now)
  • 7 Jul – Financial independence. Investing, retirement and wealth creation
  • 4 Aug – Using money from your first business to create the next
  • 1 Sep – Exploring alternative revenue streams
  • 6 Oct – Stepping into your personal power
  • 3 Nov – Connecting to Country for Strong Business
  • 1 Dec – Nurturing mind, body & soul.

The sessions are exclusive to our SWSB network. Please join our SWSB network via Facebook and register to attend this event.