Women’s Business: Nova Garnier

2nd September 2021

Kaya. My name is Nova Garnier. I am a proud Zenadth Kes woman, born and raised on Noongar boodjar (country). I am currently based on Nywaigi country in beautiful Queensland.

After finishing my degree last year in a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in HR and Business management, I wasn’t too sure what my next move would be. I had been working in the university space over the last four years mostly assisting with administrative tasks. In 2019 my manager sent me a link for a program called the IBA Futures Forum. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, and I remember thinking, there is no way I’m going to be accepted, I have no experience in business at all. To my surprise, I received an email saying I’d been accepted! It was a game-changing experience where I got to meet some of the most inspirational and like-minded First Nation entrepreneurs, which is really what set me on my business journey.

I have always found the inner workings of a business, how all the functions come together to create something wonderful quite fascinating. Last year, amongst the craziness of the thing that shall not be named (hint: starts with C ends with OVID), I found myself longing for some sort of creative freedom. I began my blog “Love, Nova”, and started assisting small businesses with building their online communities. I’ve always been a huge advocate for collaboration over competition and empowering others, and I thought about how can I use this in a business sense. Thus, Milk Crate Creative was born.

My mission is to empower female entrepreneurs to level up their businesses through engaging social media content and fun, user-friendly websites to ensure they are getting their message out to the people that need to hear it.

When I launched Milk Crate Creative in April this year, I had no idea how much demand there was for digital marketing and social media services. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands such as Miimi and Jiinda, Yarli Creative, and the Minority Co. Its been an incredible experience so far and I am so thankful for everyone that has supported me along the way. If I could leave you with any advice, it would be that there is no one right way to do social media. Find your brand voice and just roll with it. People like to see every aspect of your business: your fails, your wins. It helps build a trustworthy connection. One of the most important things is to just be present; it doesn’t have to be perfect – just let your customers know you are around.

If you need some assistance to build up an awesome eCommerce site, or some fun new content, reach out any time for a yarn at milkcratecreative@outlook.com.au.

Big love to all you Queens!

Nova x

Instagram Link – https://www.instagram.com/milkcratecreative_/