New technologies and disruptive models

Julie-ann Lambourne, enVizion Group Inc, Cairns QLD

Julie-ann Lambourne

Julie-Ann Lambourne is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman with connections to Mabuiag Island and Erub (Darnley) Island. She is CEO and founding member of enVizion Group, an Indigenous owned and operated training provider that uses cuttingedge technologies to complement traditional practices in delivering meaningful and creative solutions.

Lauren Ganley, Desert Knowledge Australia, Alice Springs NT

Lauren Ganley

Lauren is a proud descendent of the Kamilaroi people and was raised in Darwin. She is Chief Executive Officer of Desert Knowledge Australia, which works to improve the lives and livelihoods of regional and remote desert communities

Leesa Watego, Iscariot Media, Brisbane Qld

Leesa Watego

Leesa was born and raised in Brisbane. She is Managing Director of Iscariot Media, a creative agency, and Nyumba, which creates Indigenous education resources. Iscariot Media works in areas such as health, education and small business, providing services in graphic design, web design, business training and support, and IT and digital support.

“I loved everything about the conference. Listening to everyone at the conference, just reconfirmed to me, that I do have the confidence and belief that I can & will do my business”

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